Bill Cosby’s twitter account has been dedicated, for some time now, to maintaining his innocence, a doomed enterprise if there ever was one (although not according to Kanye and Akon). On Friday, he took a break from the usual content for a few tweets paying tribute to Aretha Franklin, who died two days ago of pancreatic cancer. 

Cosby showed his age in a tweet where he thanked Franklin, with some jumbled phrasing: “I want to thank her for her wonderful voice singing the theme song of “A Different World.” She made a big, strong positive impact on that series.”

Then, there was another tweet, in which he gave the second half of what appears to be a Facebook status update chopped in two for the purposes of twitter:

People on twitter were not happy about Cosby inserting himself into the conversation around the iconic singers death. Many wondered if he was tweeting from prison (his sentencing will take place on September 24th).