Dissecting the funniest, most entertaining, and outrageous tweets from some of the biggest names in rap who are on Twitter.  Twitter is intriguing to fans because it offers an un-buffered forum into the minds of some of your favorite artists.  The material is often raw and unfiltered, and lucky for us, most of these guys have no filter.

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10.  Bow Wow

To be fair, the man has been famous since before he was old enough to take an interest in girls.   He can be forgiven if he doesn't remember every single girl he's been with.  Bow Wow probably needs to hire an assistant to keep an Excel spreadsheet, or some kind of database to track this info. 

9.  Slim Thug

I've been waiting for this moment for awhile, when Twitter merges with the Maury Povich Show.  "Slim Thug, in the case of Rico Gee's 7 year old daughter...you are NOT the father!"  Hopefully, rappers, and even NBA players (*ahem Shawn Kemp*) continue to do this. 

8.  Curren$y


You know the scene in Scarface, Manny is chilling on his Caddy waiting for Tony, who is strung up in the bathroom about to be hacked up with a chainsaw.  Manny eventually comes at the last minute and saves Tony. 

Spitta employing the Butterfly Effect theory: what happens if Manny stays in the car with the hot blonde he hit on?  In that world, Manny probably rises to the top of the drug cartel, marries Tony's sister, and they have a son, TJ (Tony Junior).   At the height of his power, Manny contracts a VD from some Miami ratchet and dies.  Not nearly as climactic as the original ending. 

7.  N.O.R.E.


Is this what gangsta's mean when they say they're gonna make you "black and blue, and red all over"? 


6.  T-Pain

Please Lord, let T-Pain adopt this hairstyle.

5.  Honey Cocaine

Recently HNHH had a chance to catch up with Honey Cocaine, and who is the complete package with talent, personality, and looks to spare. Tyga's gotta hook our girl up, cause there's no reason she should be staying in a place where hair weaves are rolling past her balcony like tumble weeds in the Wild West. 

4.  Rihanna


If Rihanna was a bartender, I wonder how often guys would make the obvious inappropriate "just the tip?" joke when tipping her. 


3.  Talib Kweli

One of the rare times when adding Jack Daniel’s into a situation doesn’t improve it.

2.  Common

Common was in the news recently as he’s reportedly being evicted from his home.

1.  Machine Gun Kelly

Personally, I’m against anything that causes a numbing sensation down there, but whatever floats your boat.