Tekashi 6ix9ine, aka “BILLY” Madison has clearly never heard the old adage “don’t poke the bear.” Or maybe he has, and simply enjoys poking bears. Either way, the divisive and controversial rapper has once again touched down in the city of angels. Those invested in his dramatic globetrotting habits no doubt recall his last foray into Los Angeles, which led to a vocal exchange between himself, YG, and The Game. Once the dust settled, several prominent West Coast icons dubbed Tekashi officially banned, particularly after the rapper neglected to adhere to the storied tradition of “checking in.” 

While Tekashi is swiftly becoming as well-travelled as Carmen Sandiego, he lacks her innate ability to move in silence. In fact, the rapper seems to move with all the subtlety of a neighbor using a lawnmower at seven AM. Clearly, Tekashi thrives on controversy, owning his role as hip-hop’s lightning rod. This evening, 6ix9ine took to Instagram to announce his return to Los Angeles, claiming to be posted up on Crenshaw boulevard. While he’s not exactly inviting drama per se, he isn’t exactly shy about the fact that he’s carrying cash on deck. He seems to be loving the ordeal, recognizing it for the surreal Truman Show it is. “Grab the popcorn,” he proclaims. “Grab the soda.”

No word on whether or not his arrival in Los Angeles will bear significant consequences. At the very least, expect follow-up articles on the morrow, provided the West Coast veterans inevitably weigh in with their disapproval.



Tekashi 6ix9ine Openly Announces His Return To Los Angeles