The On The Run II tour has come to an end, and Beyonce has wasted little time in paying homage to the man standing beside her.  “To Shawn Carter, my Clyde, my best friend: this journey on OTR2 has been a highlight of my life,” writes Beyonce, in an emotional IG love letter. “Thank you for every moment. I’ll be your hype man any day!”

The power couple may have come a long way, but it’s nice to see them keeping the “Bonnie & Clyde” motif alive; fans may recall their seminal anthem “03 Bonnie & Clyde,” which feels as relevant today as it did during the Blueprint 2 era. Clearly, The Carters have embraced their “outlaw” status, and rediscovered genuine romance along the hectic and occasionally tumultuous path.  

It’s not often that a couple can publically undergo strife, proceed to document the healing process through music, and emerge stronger than before. The undisputed success of On The Run II proves that Jay-Z and Beyonce are stronger together, despite having legendary discographies beneath their respective belts. Be sure to check out Beyonce’s video below, for further proof that love and hip-hop can coexist beyond a reality-based television series.