Tina Turner Reveals Details Of Marriage To Ike Turner: Rape, Honeymoon Brothel & More

Tina Turner opens up about her marriage to Ike Turner like she never has before.

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Tina Turner Reveals Details Of Marriage To Ike Turner: Rape, Honeymoon Brothel & More

All the hard work Tina Turner has put into telling her truth and putting her memories onto paper have finally come to an end since the "Proud Mary" singer has announced her upcoming autobiography, My Love Story. The book details never before told moments of her marriage to Ike Turner and the jaw-dropping recollections of their supposed happy life. 

Apparently, Ike had no kind of romantic proposal when he asked Tina to marry him, as she described his idea of marrying her as a "manoeuvre [that] would help him out of a tricky situation with one of his former wives." Once agreed to tie the knot, they headed to Mexico where Ike's idea of a honeymoon was to take his wife to a brothel. 

You see, so long as Ike was in down-and-dirty Tijuana, he wanted to have fun, his kind of fun. So he took me to a whorehouse. On my wedding night. I’ve never, ever, told anyone this story before. I was too embarrassed. What kind of bridegroom takes his brand-new wife to a live pornographic sex show, right after their marriage ceremony? There I sat, in this filthy place, watching Ike out of the corner of my eye, wondering: ‘Does he really like this? How could he?’ It was all so ugly. The male performer was unattractive and seemingly impotent, and the girl — well, let’s just say that what was on display was more gynaecological than erotic. I was miserable, on the verge of tears, but there was no escape. We couldn’t leave until Ike was ready, and he was having a fine old time. The experience was so disturbing that I just scratched it out. By the time we got back to Los Angeles, I’d created a completely different scenario in my head — a romantic elopement. The following day, I was bragging to people: ‘Guess what? Oh, Ike took me to Tijuana. We got married yesterday!’”

Tina further details her suicide attempt and having different women live with her and Ike, who he also slept with. The 78-year-old singer also describes sex with Ike, saying it was "a kind of rape.”

“In the early Seventies, he started doing cocaine — because someone had told him it would give him more stamina for sex. As if Ike Turner needed to spend another minute on his love life! He was well-endowed, and having sex was practically his full-time job. For me, though, sex with Ike had become an expression of hostility — a kind of rape — especially when it began or ended with a beating. What had been ugly and hateful between us before became worse with every snort of cocaine. He threw hot coffee in my face, giving me third-degree burns. He used my nose as a punching bag so many times that I could taste blood running down my throat when I sang. He broke my jaw. And I couldn’t remember what it was like not to have a black eye. The people closest to us saw what was happening, but they couldn’t stop him: any attempt to help me would make him more violent.”

The book will be available as of October 15th.



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