It’s not uncommon to hear about rapper getting kicked off of flights. It’s happened with the Migos, Jacquees and several other individuals in the past. Unfortunately, the same happened to YG last night. The rapper hit the ‘Gram to air out American Airlines for accusing him of being drunk and kicking him off the flight. However, his artist Slim 400 had some new information to share today. He said that YG simply asked the flight attendant for a new seat before he was accused of being drunk and booted off the flight.

Slim 400 recently sat down with TMZ to share his account of what happened on the American Airlines flight before YG got kicked off. Slim was on the flight with YG along with several other members of their crew. Slim explained that YG simply asked the flight attendant if he could change seats or if there’s any seat available elsewhere. Slim explained that YG was completely sober when he boarded the plane but when he asked for the seat change, the flight attendant began questioning YG’s sobriety. Despite this, Slim 400 said that YG maintained his cool the whole time and didn’t yell or cuss. Slim also suggested there’s a chance it could’ve been racially motivated.

“What she did was make it a big deal out of nowhere. It ain’t [YG] fault because n****s know how YG get down. N***as seen YG on Instagram loaded as fuck. So you could tell how he was talking last night vs. any other time he really loaded, loaded,” he said. “I ain’t have a drink at all. He had just come back from whoopin’ somebody ass in Madden, real shit. And went straight to the airport, then get there, go through the terminal, do all that extra shit and tried to change his seat now, she’s saying he loaded.”

Peep the clip below.