Doja Cat hopped back on the grid yesterday with a brand new song titled, “Mooo!” Needless to say, the song is all about not being a cat, but rather a cow. The visuals see her in a cow outfit eating burgers, fries and drinking milkshakes. The impromptu song and video grabbed the attention of Chance The Rapper and Sango and now Doja has come through to explain how the whole thing went down. 

“The only reason I made this song is because I bought this cow print outfit as a costume for my upcoming tour,” she told Complex. “I cheated and wore it in bed while starting to make a new song onInsta-Live. It inspired everything.” After the track was made, then came the video. “It was getting really dark and I don’t have any lighting except for some Christmas lights in my room. I pretty much had to rush the whole thing but I had a lot of fun.”

The whole green screen thing came together by hammering green bedding to her wall and opening up Photo Booth.  “After making the song I was craving a cheeseburger so I ordered delivery and it made it to my house in time for filming,” she explained. “That’s why I’m eating and drinking a strawberry milkshake throughout the video. The whole process of making the video took about five hours max. The song took about six.”

Being as she’s set to hit the road for her Amala tour, Doja promises that her new beloved track with definitely be performed. 

“I really look forward to performing it for everyone on tour in September, I think it’s gonna be crazy lit. I start touring September 12th in Austin, Texas. It’s really crazy this blew up because it’s been four months since we released my first studio album and we’re planning this tour. For this to happen right before we take off is hugely surreal.”