Robin Thicke Delivers Laid Back Visuals For "Testify"

Mellow vibes.

BYKarlton Jahmal

Robin Thicke reappeared with the single "Testify" early in December. The acoustic mellow jam is a long stretch from Thicke's more pop-friendly anthems that dominated radios last time he decided to pop his head up. Now, just weeks after the song's release, Thicke is back with visuals for the single. Opting to keep it simple, Thicke goes for heartfelt moments and nostalgic memories to help illustrate his lyrics. 

In the "Testify" music video, Thicke sits outside as he strums his guitar to the song. Director Arrad Rahgosha takes the attention away from the singer though, and hits the streets of Los Angeles. Scenes of civilians hard at work or engaging in their commute punctuate the visuals of Thicke playing his guitar. Home movies, that appear to be from Thicke's childhood, also flash by to instill a sense of retrospect that highlights how far Thicke has come. 

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