After watching Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon drink the most disgusting concoctions, you might lose your lunch. Reynolds stopped by The Tonight Show and participated in the obligatory comedy game. Most celebrities that visit the show play some type of hilarious game, but I’m not sure if this one was too funny. Reynolds was celebrating and promoting his new liquor, Aviation American Gin, and so, Fallon came up with a drinking game. 

The rules of “Drinko” are simple. Both Fallon and Reynolds insert discs into a contraption that looks a lot like a giant Connect Four board. As the discs fall to the bottom, they land in a cup that is labeled with an ingredient. Among the ingredients were blood, horseradish, blended Twinkies, clam juice, bone broth, and clam juice. In the first round, Reynolds scored blended Twinkies and grape soda, and easy concoction which he notes it most likely the majority of his child’s diet. The two ingredients are mixed together with the Aviation American Gin, and Reynolds downs it easily. 

Fallon wasn’t so lucky. For his turn, he did get blended Twinkies as well, but he also scored horseradish. The disgusting combination mixed with the Aviation American Gin didn’t sit well with the host, who immediately barfed it back up. If you think that’s bad, in the end, Reynolds drinks a revolting mix of blood, clam juice, and some other random ingredients. Gross.