Omarosa Manigault has a book coming out and she’s wasting no time to promote it. Asked by TMZ if it’s fair to say that the president is “causing tensions among African-Americans right now” after the “LeBron James situation,” she replied with a s short sentence: “he wants to start a race war.”

The so-called Lebron James situation refers to Trump tweeting at LeBron James, calling him “dumb” after he did an interview about the new school he founded in Ohio. In the interview, LeBron said that Trump was trying to create division through sports Omarosa updated his statement with a PR savviness that only a reality TV star turned politician could truly possess. 

Omaraso started out on The Apprentice, starring alongside the man who is now the leader of the free world, and went on to appear on The Celebrity Apprentice. When Trump became potus, she got hired as the director of communications for the office of public liaison, but left in December 2017. She didn’t leave empty-handed though. Apparently, she’s got some secretly recorded audio of Trump that she’s already shared with her close friends and will release in her book, which will be called Unhinged.

Along with her “race war” comments Omarosa said, laughing, that “oh yeah, there’s some people gettin’ it on in the white house.”