In the latest episode of Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio, the NY rap heavyweight shared her plans to donate $25,000 to former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens. The former actor was photographed bagging groceries, no shade. Those who heard the segment can attest to the fact, Nicki was feeling quite vociferous, as if the story hit a pressure point within her. Keeping with that rage, Nicki was sure to monitor the “airwaves” on Twitter where she’d served some of her best reads in recent memory.

Just an hour ago, an opportunity presented itself when a Twitter user criticized her $25,000 donation, on the grounds that needier folks exist, than current-day Geoffrey Owens, who is lucky to have a job in the very least.

Inevitably, Nicki Minaj chose to make an example out of said Twitter user, by rehashing her insult into a joke about fellatio. Audrey II insisted that Nicki take use an Uber ride credit to “get the fuck out of (her) face,” which Nicki then inverted to say, “I’d rather my Uber ride to you, to suck my dick,” in a manner of speaking.

This isn’t the first time Nicki has lost her cool on Twitter, and it certainly won’t be the last. Nicki never expected to be lambasted over a charitable endeavor. Please be advised, anyone can get it.