Burt Reynolds, "Boogie Nights" Actor Dies At Age 82

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Actor Burt Reynolds
The actor who suffered cardiac arrest is said to have been surrounded by family at the time of his passing.

Celebrated actor Burt Reynolds has died at the age of 82. Avid fans of film may remember the actor for his Oscar-nominated work in the 1972 film Deliverance and perhaps most famously the 1997 Boogie Nights. Hollywood has been awash with the news of his passing, and messages of praise and condolences to Reynolds' family from notable industry players have surfaced with continued momentum.

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to express his admiration for the late actor: “Burt Reynolds was one of my heroes. He was a trailblazer. He showed the way to transition from being an athlete to being the highest paid actor, and he always inspired me. He also had a great sense of humor – check out his Tonight Show clips. My thoughts are with his family," he wrote. Schwarzenegger's message is accompanied by those of Kevin Smith, Ralph Macchio, Lena Dunahm and Steve Harvey among others.

In recent times, the actor's manager Erik Kritzer, who confirmed his death to the Hollywood Reporter, has been open about the actor's health struggles, sharing with the public news of the actor's hospitalizations and heart bypass operation. 

Reynolds' talent and impact made him one of the highest grossing actors in his era, and a force to be reckoned with. He is sure to be remembered this way.

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