Last year, Russell Simmons was accused of rape by several women who’ve since filed lawsuits against him. He’s denied all the allegations against him but now, he’s taking it a step further and demanding his accuser pay him $35K for filing a “baseless” lawsuit against him.

According to The Blast, Russell Simmons filed docs against his rape accuser which claimed that she only filed her complaint for “purposes of publicity.” The Def Jam mogul objected his accusers claim that his attorney also represented Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein. He said the law firm representing him never didn’t represent Cosby or Weinstein during their sexual misconduct cases. Additionally, Simmons claimed his accuser’s lawyer has a “relevant pattern of misconduct.”

He continued to say the allegations against him are “outrageous and fictional.” Additionally, he claimed the case was filed “to extort a settlement” out of him and for her attorney to gain publicity. He wants Jane Doe and the lawyer to cough up $34,376 for the fees and costs he dealt with from fighting “this baseless and improper” accusation.

Jane Doe filed a $10M lawsuit after she accused him of raping her in 1988. She claimed he raped her after she went to a Def Jam concert with her son. She said that he invited her to a afterparty at a hotel that was close. Afterwards, she said she went to his hotel where he allegedly closed the door and said, “I’m going to f*** you.” He allegedly took the threats further once she began to resist and said, “I am going to f*** you or I’m going to f*** your son. You decide.”

We’ll keep you updated on the case.