Omarosa Manigault may not seem all too relevant to you, past the point of discussion in 2004 when she co-starred on The Apprentice. She probably doesn’t even elicit a tender response from her godchildren for all we know. She is however, one hell of a sleuth and a hell of an opportunist. Sources say Omarosa shared secretely recorded audio of Trump in the oval office to a gathering of friends, but most importantly to publishers whom she hopes will snap up her tell-all manuscript, suggestively titled UNHINGED.

The secret audio is said to have been recorded during her one-year stint in the President Trump administration. Omarosa was forced to resign from her “public engagement” role on December 13, 2017, though she states and record that she left on her own volition. Those who have witnessed a portion of the recordings say the voice conversing with Manigault is that of President Trump. There is no word as of yet, whether she recorded the audio within the bounds of the law. Generally speaking, you can only record a person using a mobile phone under laws abdicating “one-party consent.”

Omarosa’s book UNHINGED will likely touch on much more than just the voice recordings, considering their relationship goes back nearly 15 years. In all likelihood, the tell-all book won’t have any effect on Trump’s public perception, Omarosa is simply feeding coins into her fading public image. Would you read UNHINGED?