It’s been roughly a month and a half since the death of XXXTENTACION. The police have been working relentlessly on the case and it feels like every few days, there’s new information that emerges on X’s murder. Last week, police finally apprehended the third suspect in X’s murder. Today, they’ve finally arrested the fourth and final suspect, Trayvon Newsome.

According to TMZ, police have finally arrested the fourth suspect in their investigation, Trayvon Newsome. Newsome was arrested earlier today (August 7th) in Broward County, FL. He was charged with murder in the first degree and robbery with a deadly weapon. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, Trayvon Newsome turned himself in through his lawyer.

Cops believe Trayvon Newsome was one of the gunmen in XXXTENTACION’s murder in June. The other gunmen is believed to be Michael Boatwright who was the second suspect to be apprehended by police. However, it’s been reported that the judge has ordered him to undergo a mental examination to determine his competency. Boatwright is expected to take the evaluation at the end of the month. This will determine whether he’s fit to stand trial. The judge’s reason for the mental examination is to see whether Boatwright understands the charges against him, the penalties of the charges as well as if he’s capable of testifying and able to behave properly in the courtroom.