Jason Alexander may be most famous for playing George Costanza on Seinfeld in the 90’s, but he’s reinvented himself for a new generation. KFC announced today (Aug. 7) that Alexander would be their latest celebrity Sanders. The actor and comedian will be promoting the chicken chain’s $20 Fill Ups, which is essentially a family sized mix and match special. 

According to Business Insider, KFC’s US CMO Andrea Zahumensky released a statement regarding the new casting.  “With four chicken meals to choose from and each at only $20, we are continuing KFC’s tradition of providing an easy dinnertime solution for families at a great value — and there’s no better person to spread the word about our new ‘family of four’ in a sitcom setting than comedy extraordinaire Jason Alexander,” stated Zahumensky. Alexander joins a list of other celebrities who have played KFC’s mascot, including Billy Zane, Darrell Hammond, and Reba McEntire,

Colonel Harland Sanders was working at a service station in Kentucky feeding hungry travelers at the age of 40 when he first reached success. His fried chicken recipe became so popular that he was named a Kentucky Colonel by the governor. From there, he began to expand and create the most successful chicken fast food chain in the world.