50 Cent Unexpectedly Fires Shots At DJ Clue

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Get the strap ready ye olde farts.

DJ Clue resident deejay at New York's Power 105.1 FM is the unlucky recipient of 50 Cent semi-regular smear campaign. It's almost as if 50 Cent time travelled from a feudal period, his family persecuted by a house in the Klingon empire. But alas, 50 Cent is merely taking the piss, sometimes with personal inflection.

50 Cent made a series of Instagram posts documenting what he refers to as DJ Clue's fall from grace. As history has it, DJ Clue mentored DJ Envy only to see his younger counterpart surpass him in terms of hip hop relevance. The days of Desert Storm and keeping with demand in the streets are thing of the past for both 50 Cent and DJ Clue. The rapper/troll summed up his post in captioning "Throw back, this was when DJ Clue mattered back in the days."

His second post recounted a supposed conversation he had with Clue, DJ Envy and DJ Self at an industry party. 50 Cent describes the scene as DJ Self trying to quell DJ Clue's anger over DJ Envy implying "his show got bigger than his." Even Funk Flex slid into the comment section to separate fact from fiction, making sure to note 50 Cent's jab was meant i good humor.

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