Turk Respectfully Checks Offset Over "Biggest Group Ever" Claims

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Turk plays the OG, gives Offset and Migos some advice over their recent claims.

Migos are still enjoying the success of their brand new Culture 2 album, and while some fans simply cannot get over the project's epic length ("it tarnishes the integrity of a linear album listening experience!"), the project remains destined for commercial success. In fact, early projections claim that Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff's new album will surpass 200K in first week sales. All things considered, it's a good look for the Atlanta trio, who recently dubbed themselves "the biggest group ever." 

During an interview with Big Boy, Offset made the bold claim with unwavering conviction. "We the biggest group ever. Ever. In pop, hip-Hop all that because every genre in music right now is structured off us," said the rapper. And while the a case could surely be made, it seemed inevitable that other groups might take umbrage with Offset's proclamation. Surely enough, Hot Boys rapper Turk had a few wise words for the group. While Turk made it clear that he respects Offset and his group-mates, he simply couldn't abide by the rapper's words, and came through to play the OG. 

"For a n***a to say they the best group ever, not the best group right now doin' they thing, but the best group ever?" says Turk, "man that's some disrespectful-ass, foul-ass shit, you dig? I wouldn't be right, me being in a group that was big, that n***as emulate to this day - including the Migos...The Migos the new Hot Boys, they doin' they thing."

He proceeds to name off some of the legendary hip-hop groups, stating "You had too many other groups that were doin' they thing - OuKast, Goodie Mob, NWA, The Fugees, fuckin' Wu-Tang, The Lox...The Black Eyed Peas, muthafuckin' UGK...Mobb Deep...You got too many great groups. I'm go so far as to say the muthafuckin' St Lunatics!"

He also gives Offset some friendly advice, saying "yeah Offset, you my n***a and all, but come on man. Retract your words about that, man...Maybe I heard it wrong, but ya'll are not the biggest group ever. I think ya'll are great, and ya'll are the culture, but ya'll are not the biggest group ever." For more from Turk, check out the full speech below.

Turk & Migos

Turk Respectfully Checks Offset Over "Biggest Group Ever" Claims
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