Machine Gun Kelly Has Words For Someone On New Song "Nylon"

Listen to MGK's new song "Nylon," off his "BINGE" EP.

BYKevin Goddard
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To capitalize off the attention that he’s attracted these past few weeks following his highly entertaining beef with Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly decided to come through today and release a new 9-track EP titled Binge. Led by the Eminem-diss “Rap Devil” & the previously heard “Loco,” another record that’s been getting attention already is the song “Nylon,” which we’re highlighting for y’all right here.

Over production from JP Did This 1 & BazeXX, MGK appears to have words for a particular someone on this track, rapping about they “should've killed him when they tried,” & boasting about being better than other rappers. “Watch me murder with a verse/ Put these rappers in the dirt,” he spits, while also mentioning these rappers having "ulterior motives." It doesn't seem like he’s addressing Eminem here, but it might be G-Eazy?

“And you know I never lie/ I kept the same number (ahah)/ So when you call me (what?)/ I pick up and say, 'Fuck you' (Damn)/ And I say it to your face bitch, you can run and tell it to the clique (clique)/ Two nines in the waist, my gun & my dick” he spits.

It's a rather brief record at that running just under 2 minutes, but one of the only few records where MGK appears to be venting & addressing someone, which is what we're here for. Take a listen to the new song and let us know what you think. 

Quotable Lyrics:

Y'all got ulterior motives (motives)
My interior designer put them cameras all around
So let me find out you creeping, I come and split your shit like Moses
My exterior is frozen
I'm from Cleveland we the coldest, so it's no coincidence that when you try to take a pic, it's too much ice for you to focus 

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