Donald Glover Confirms Next Childish Gambino Album Will Be His Last

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Childish Gambino can appreciate a good ending.

While Donald Glover's musical alter ego Childish Gambino has been putting out music for a minute now, it seems as if he was only just beginning to hit his artistic peak. His third studio album, the Grammy nominated Awaken, My Love, was considered by many to be Glover's most daring and adventurous project yet, spawning his massive "Redbone" single. However, fans were recently treated to some bittersweet news: Glover was working on a fourth, and final studio album. And while some held out hope this this was another faux-retirement, last night, the singer slash actor seemed to hammer nail firmly into coffin.

When asked about his previous claim of closing the Childish Gambino saga for good, Glover remained a man of his word. "I stand by that," he explains, while holding his fresh new Best RnB Performance Grammy. "I mean, I'm really appreciative of this, and I'm still making another project just right now...But I like endings. I think they're important for progress. I think like, if a lot of things had like "Death Clauses" in them, we wouldn't have a lot of problems in the world, to be honest. So I think endings are good cause they force things to get better."

Wise words, from a multi-talented artist. His appreciation of endings bodes well for Atlanta fans, as television shows are often at risk of overstaying their welcome. As painful as it may be for die hard Gambino fans, it seems like the time for closer is officially imminent, and there seems to be no going back. While there does remain a modicum of hope that Glover may change his mind, for now, the Grammy winner appears at peace with his decision to stick to his guns and bow out on a high note.

Donald Glover Confirms Next Childish Gambino Album Will Be His Last
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