"Solo: A Star Wars Story" Will Be The First Star Wars Film To Lose Money

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Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke and Alden Ehrenreich attend the 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' New York Premiere - After Party on May 21, 2018 in New York City.
Han Solo isn't captivating audiences.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a decent film. Alden Ehrenreich plays a great Han Solo and Donald Glover is amazing at anything he does. The story is self-contained and pretty straightforward and chronicles the early days of Han Solo. Moments that fans longed to see, such as Han meeting Chewbacca and winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando, were finally brought to the big screen. Unfortunately, Solo: A Stars Wars Story is underperforming at the box office. 

Although Solo is a decent film, it has its flaws. For our full review of the film, head here. The Han Solo origin story was the most expensive Star Wars film ever made with a budget of $250 million. It is possible that firing and rehiring a new director had something to do with the exorbitant cost, but at this point, it no longer matters. Solo has pulled in $267,351,721 worldwide in two weeks. Although Disney has recouped the cost of the film, marketing for the movie cost them millions more. According to Hypebeastanalysts are predicting that Solo will lose over $50 million, and possibly as much as $80 million. Analysts also believe that fans are not fatigued with the Star Wars franchise, but that poor marketing led to the loss in ticket sales. Whereas Disney usually begins promoting their Star Wars films at least a year in advance, Solo didn't have a full trailer hit the internet until a couple months before the film's release. 

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