At this point it's pretty much confirmed that Disney's latest space adventure flick, Solo: A Star Wars Story, isn't drawing in the kind of numbers that's expected from a franchise as big as Star Wars.

It was previously reported that the Han Solo spinoff only managed to pull in just over $100 million during its first four day weekend in theatres, which put it at the lowest opening for a Star Wars film since Attack of the Clones. Considering that this film was the most expensive Star Wars film to shoot ever, costing over $250 million to produce, it wasn't a great start.

It seems that the film's misfortunes continued through its second weekend as well. According to Variety, the film managed to pull $29.3 million, marking a significant decrease from its first weekend in theaters. Of course, it's expected that the total will go down for the most part, but the last Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One, managed to pull $64 million its second weekend.

However, this was still enough to put it at the top of the box office charts, just ahead of Deadpool 2, which pulled $23.8 million on its second weekend. This puts the total gross of Solo, including domestic and overseas theaters at $264 million, just barely passing the profitability margin for the film.

While Solo hasn't been a flop for Disney, it has demonstrated that not every Star Wars film will be an instant hit. In fact, the film's performance already has Disney executives rethinking their Star Wars strategy.