House of Cards was the catalyst for everything we know Netflix to be in 2018. The series was Netflix’s first original show, and it catapulted the streaming site from an app used for reruns and released movies to the multi-billion dollar company it is today. The series originally starred Kevin Spacey, who was praised for his performance on the show. Spacey was booted off House of Cards though when it was discovered that he had sexually assaulted a minor years ago. Since the first story of sexual harassment hit the internet, several other victims came forward to detail inappropriate behavior that they endured at the hands of Spacey. His character’s wife, who is played by Robin Wright, will be taking the big seat as the president next season.

Wright, who plays Claire Underwood, will step into the main role for the final season of House of Cards. In celebration of Independence Day, the show’s Twitter account released a new promotional video starring Claire. “Happy Independence Day… to me,” she declares in the short clip. After her announcement, the image of her regally sitting on a marble rendition of the Lincoln Monument fades out and the words “My Turn” flash across the screen. They were the last words Claire stated in the season five finale. The final season of House of Cards drops later this year.