Migos Hit With Lawsuit For Allegedly Neglecting YRN Clothing Deal

The founder of YRN clothing thinks Migos have done him dirty.

BYDevin Ch
Noam Galai/Getty Images

YRN (Yung Rich Nation) was being marketed as a patented supplier of Migos related apparel. The clothing line was being spearheaded by Norton Cher, an entrepreneur with ties to Jay-Z and other on merchandising contracts. He is now claiming that Migos have backed out of their exclusive arrangement to market YRN gear. Cher claims Migos were expected to promote the clothing line for a duration of time culminating in: "6 music videos a year, 4 photo shoots and at least 6 in-store signings."

Long story short, Norton Cher alleges the group has not lived to the deal in principle. His lawsuit also claims that Migos have attempted to shut down his operation while under contract, and is suing for additional damages unrelated to the core agreement. YRN alleges that Migos have entered talks with Universal Music Group for merchandising contract which would effectively override their agreement. It appears Migos' explosion in popular culture could be to blame in part for their broken signals. Something tells me that if there is any truth to Norton Cher's allegations, a settlement can be reached out of court, especially with larger entities such as Universal looming in the background. In his defense, Norton Cher has a longstanding reputation made accountable by years of practice in Textiles and Fashion. We'll have to wait and see how this plays out.

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