Lil Xan Says He Wasn't Afraid Of 'Lil Ass' Tupac Fans

Lil Xan explains the nuances of a report claiming he called for a police escort.

BYDevin Ch
Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Lil Xan has come to his defense after reports surfaced of him calling for a police escort after being held up by a mob of angry Tupac fans, who also happened to be teenagers. TMZ picked up the story, after procuring a police report out the rapper's hometown of Redlands, California. The story posits that Lil Xan made a run for cover after being encircled by a group of feisty teenagers, inside of a Del Taco restaurant. Once outside he dipped into a YMCA, at which point he called the cops to escort him to safety.

However, without going into much detail, Lil Xan explains that the police officers were already present as a security detail for his "meet and greet." He posted the below statement on Twitter, insisting that he wasn't "afraid of no Lil ass kid."

For one reason or another, Lil Xan has also changed his stance on Tupac, now referring to the deceased rapper as "a legend." It is rumoured that the angry mob was in fact raging over this issue.


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