Sergio Ramos Could Receive Another UEFA Ban For Entering The Tunnel

This could result in the athlete missing out on the Champion's League semifinal.

BYDavid Saric
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Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Real Madrid's captain Sergio Ramos is in the midst of a potentially detrimental battle with the UEFA league. The famous footballer is charged with breaking the organization's rules after he was caught watching the final moments of his team's match against Juventus in the tunnel while serving a one-game ban.

After he was suspended, Ramos witnessed most of the quarterfinal match from the stands of the Santiago BernabĂ©u stadium before he made his way down to the tunnel during the final moments of the game. That area is strictly regarded as a technical zone, which means that Ramos could be charged with violating Article 15, section (vii) in UEFA's Misconduct of Players and Officials handbook, which states that a player cannot participate in a match for which they are ineligible. 

The referee who presided over the match, Michael Oliver, is set to hand in his match report today; if Ramos is mentioned, he may face suspension once again. 

in 2014, Xabi Alonso was given a similar one-match ban when he ran down to the touchline to celebrate his teammate's goal during a Champion's League final. Alonso had already been barred from participating for a previous infraction, but jumped over a barrier once his team had secured the victory. 

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