The most one-sided exchange of diss tracks in 2015 wasn't Drake vs. Meek Mill. It was Mick Jenkins vs. Vic Spencer. In September, Spencer unexpectedly released a Jenkins diss called "Dick Jerkins." Jenkins then quickly dispatched an overmatched Spencer with his rebuttal, "HeadAss," waxing bars both exquisite and ferocious. Spencer still sort of won because of the publicity he got by getting lyrically assassinated. But still.

The son of a journalist mother, Jenkins, 25, attended college in Alabama before returning to Chicago in 2013 to begin his rap career. He spent a year sharpening his delivery and released The Water[s] in 2014 to universal acclaim. With his technically sound disquisitions on morality and what Emerson called the "transparent eyeball," he stands a somewhat singular figure on the hip hop landscape. His anticipated debut album is due out later this year. He may be on the verge of accomplishing something great.

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