If there is one person who knows how to consistently reinvite themselves it has got to be legendary DJ, record producer, label executive, and Snapchat influencer DJ Khaled. In a career that spans nearly 20 years, Khaled Mohamed Khaled has released nine studio albums and has collaborated with everyone from Lil Wayne to Justin Bieber. It's safe to say that DJ Khaled truly has the keys to success and that's all due to his insane work ethic.

Khaled's empire started with his first job at the infamous Odyssey record store in New Orleans. It was at Odyssey in 1993 that he met the likes Birdman and Lil Wayne and began working with artists to help them build up their sound and craft radio hits. After leaving Odyssey Khaled began radio DJ'ing and held a number of reputable gigs including his co-hosting position Luke Campbell of the 2LiveCrew's The Luke Show on WEDR. By 2003 he was hosting his own weekend radio show for WEDR and cultivating relationships with long-time collaborators Marcello Valenzano and Andre Lyon, also known as production duo Cool & Dre.

In 2006 Khaled had put in enough work and paid up his dues to earn the spotlight for his first official project, his debut titled Listennn: The Album, which hit the top 20 of Billboard's rap chart. Now more than 11 years later, Khaled has managed to live up to his hype and continue producing commercially successful even through a number of record label deals. He has continuously put out music and has become known as the unifying buffer of sorts between superstar rap acts and mainstream mega bangers, in addition to being known for his larger-than-life persona.

Now, just as we are on the heels of DJ Khaled's 10th studio album Grateful, we take a look back at his incredibly rich career to pick the 10 most essential DJ Khaled tracks.