A couple of weeks back, Kodak Black did something unprecedented even by his zany standards, openly flirting with Young M.A. for a second time in as many weeks on his latest record "Pimpin Ain't Eazy."

The first flirtation occurred in the comment section of a Nicki Minaj Instagram post, basically, a picture of M.A. hunched over The Queen's shoulders resulting in Kodak telling them, they could both "get it" in a major way, his thoughts not mine.

The second time Kodak dragged Young M.A. into a sexual conversation, it was even more graphic in nature. The Calabasas transplant used the allusion of a "Dyke" in an attempt to thread together his song material.

M.A. wasn't the only female rapper subjected to his remarks, as the second verse of "Pimping Ain't Eazy" in its entirety, relates to fantasies such as fucking DeJ Loaf "like a stud," or reaching out to Missy Elliott while in stowaway, just to name a few. But he reserved the lewdest of his remarks for Young M.A. whom he insisted might "get it" with the "toolie hanging from her belt." 

It's painfully obvious to note that Kodak Black is simply taking the piss, in an insensitive manner. But that doesn't mean squat to Young M.A. She ultimately set aside personal time to deal with "The Kodak Situation," as she refers to it, relaying her message across Instagram Live.

She referred to Kodak as a weirdo, before asking a series of close-ended questions "Y'all n----s weird, bro.. Obviously that sh*t is weird, obviously, he [Kodak] is on some f*ck sh*it." In short, it looks as though, Young M.A. knows to keep her distance from such erratic behavior, but there's always a chance someone like Kodak will say something of the like, right up to the nose. That'll be the day the love boat keels over for everyone!