Every day there is news about people contracting and dying from COVID-19, but that's not enough to scare YBN Almighty Jay into obeying social distancing advice. The 20-year-old rapper is one of many global citizens who doesn't believe that coronavirus is a serious issue, so while he is abiding by the government officials' orders to stay at home, YBN Almighty Jay told TMZ that he regularly has women come over to his home for a little "Quarantine & Chill."

YBN Almighty Jay COVID-19 Quarantine
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

The rapper told the publication that he's been bored and to pass the time, he's sleeping, playing video games, and recording new music. "I don't know, I ain't really been taking it serious," he said. "I still been having like, girls and stuff pull up to the spot... We don't social distance." He confirmed the rumors that he's a "ladies man" and admitted that he's not taking any precautions with these women. "I just pick wisely," he said.

YBN Almighty Jay added that these are women that he's meeting on social media. Aside from picking up random chicks online for a bit of fun, the rapper also stated that he's recorded so much music he's almost tapped out. He wishes he could leave the house to find inspiration elsewhere, but for now, he's just staying home and waiting out this quarantine/pandemic like the rest of us. Check out his clip below.