It appears Tomi Lauren isn’t a fan of Jay Z. Not only did she discredit him as a “former drug dealer” last week, but she also slammed him for his partnership with the NFL on Friday. Shortly after news surfaced online of Hov becoming a part owner of a NFL team, the Fox News host decided to hop on twitter, and call Jay a “sell out” while adding that the hypocrisy of his move is a “joke.”

“How do you spell sellout?....J-A-Y-Z. Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything right, Hova? #whatajoke,” she tweeted.

This all comes just days after Tomi voiced her opinion of Jay consulting the Super Bowl halftime show, which she didn’t approve of. "Jay-Z will be consulting with the NFL for the Super Bowl halftime show and other performances because apparently the league doesn't hate America and law enforcement officers at a level satisfactory enough for the former drug dealer," Lahren tweeted

Unlike Cardi B or Wale, it’s unlikely that Jay Z will even waste his time or breathe with someone like Tomi Lahren, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted if he or she continue to do.