As the pandemic roars on into its second year, more and more people are ending up in increasingly dire economic situations. While everyday, blue-collar workers bear the brunt of the burden brought on by COVID-19, some of your favorite celebrities and rappers seem to also be stretching themselves thin to hold onto the glamorous life. For a lot of young rappers coming into the hip-hop realm, an opportunity to work with one of the artists they admire most is something many would quickly jump at. The Game is accused of using this guiding theory to scam aspiring artists out of thousands.    

Araya Diaz/Getty Images for BET

According to a revealing long-form Instagram exposé post, the former G-Unit member is alleged to have been DMing rappers on Instagram expressing interest in working with them. According to this exposé, the 41-year-old artist would then have them pay $1000 or more for a feature appearance or a spot on a mixtape. Apparently, The Game has a secondary Soundcloud account aside from his verified one that he then uses to share the tracks. This severely limits the audience that these upcoming artists are exposed to, only being heard by hundreds versus the thousands that they could've reached on his main account.  

The rapper is accused of releasing 7 mixtape compilations on the account in December of 2020, with 34+ songs each, the majority of them only receiving 5-250 views each. The Soundcloud account itself only has 256 followers. Thus, the rappers who worked with The Game are upset because they had taken the opportunity as possibly being their big-break, and are instead short thousands of dollars.  

Of course, at this time, the details regarding the situation are all purely speculatory. If you recall, The Game lost the rights to his entire musical catalog after losing a sexual assault case. He was also ordered to pay a $7 million judgment fee

At the time of this article's publication, The Game has yet to comment on the matter. What do you make of these very specific allegations? Let us know down in the comments.