Details have emerged about Monday's arrest of the Daryl Campbell, better known as the popular podcast host Taxstone, who faces federal weapons possession charges for his role in the 2016 Irving Plaza shooting that left Troy Ave's bodyguard dead.

In the week after the shooting, police recovered the 9-millimeter Kel-Tec semiautomatic handgun that fired that fatal bullet into Ronald "Banga" McPhatter's chest from the center console of the minivan that transported Troy Ave to the hospital. Troy's DNA was found on the weapon. According to a New York Times report, police believe they have found Taxstone's DNA "on the trigger, hand grip and magazine" of the weapon.

Via NY Times:

"Mr. Campbell had the gun before the shooting, and videos show him coming into the green room before the gunfire and then fleeing, the complaint says. In front of him was the bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter. Behind Mr. Campbell was a person who is not named in the complaint, but who appears to be Troy Ave — whose real name is Roland Collins — based on earlier police accounts. Wounded in the legs, Mr. Collins was holding the Kel-Tec gun and firing it toward a fleeing Mr. Campbell."

Taxstone is the host of hip hop podcast Tax Season. He has publicly criticized "Troy Average" on Twitter for years. The police report quotes a threat he made about Troy shortly before the shooting: “When I see you walking up with six dudes, bang-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. Try me.”