Authorities have found a Kel Tech .9-mm pistol in the minivan that delivered Troy Ave to the hospital after he was shot in the leg at last week's T.I. concert at Irving Plaza. 

According to NY Daily News, the gun belongs to Troy Ave and has been matched to six bullets recovered from the shooting, including the one that killed his bodyguard, Ronald "Banga" McPhatter, and the one that wounded Troy Ave.

The weapon was discovered in a hidden compartment underneath the vehicle's center console.

Troy Avepled not guilty to charges of attempted murder over the weekend. According to PIX 11, investigators believe a second suspect who may have shot Troy Ave & McPhatter is at large. Troy's gun was not matched to the bullet that struck Maino's girlfriend, Maggie Heckstall, which strongly suggests that there was a second gunman. If DNA evidence determines that Troy Ave was the one who fatally shot his bodyguard, his charges are expected to upgrade to murder.