Nas' re-release of his classic debut effort Illmatic officially arrives on April 19th. Illmatic XX, as it's called, comes with an entire new disc of remixes from the Illmatic era as well as remastered versions of all the tracks on the original LP.

If you happened to be living under a rock all these years and you've never actually heard Illmatic, here's your chance. Legacy Recordings has made a stream available, which actually isn't the entire re-issue, but does contain quite a few records (now remastered!) from the original Illmatic as well as a remix or two that appears on the second disc.

Head back to 1994 and take a listen below. Go to iTunes to purchase your own copy.

Nas spoke in a recent interview about actually leaking Illmatic himself (before there was such things as torrent websites), by handing out physical copies of the LP to his friends before its release.