L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is catching quite a tongue-lashing from rappers, after a recording of him expressing extremely racist views hit the internet earlier today, telling his girlfriend that she should not bring black people to his games.

While Meek Mill leveled Sterling with the title of the "definition of racism", Snoop Dogg may have just one-upped him in terms of name-calling.

Uncle Snoop decided to address the owner directly via an Instagram video. While a short clip, Snoop manages to pack a whole lot of cuss words into the 17-second runtime.

The rapper calls Sterling a "bitch-ass redneck, white bread, chicken shit mother fucker," before closing with, "Fuck you, your momma, and everything else connected to you, you racist piece of shit. Fuck you!".

As satisfying as Snoop's verbal attack might seem, justice will not be truly served until Sterling is punished by the NBA.

Watch the video below.