Rappers have been celebrating Christmas today in their own individual ways, but one of the best ways to do so is by simply hanging with the fam. One emcee that proved that perfectly this season was the bawse himself Rick Ross

rick ross family photo merry christmasImage: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Rozay's family pulled out the perfect combo of onesies, with everyone rocking clean jammies decorated with Christmas trees and candy cane motifs. We're not sure if it was the threat of losing his street cred or they just don't make them in his size — that wasn't a fat joke, by the way! — but Ross opted out of matching along with the rest of his kin. It's a shame though he wasn't full committed, because we could've really used a photo of Rick Ross in a onesie right about now to give us some holiday hilarity this season. Then again, when you're the "bawse" of the house that's provided a lifestyle fit for a king based off dropping platinum-selling records, we guess you can choose how to dress for the holidays.

Rick Ross had a pretty jolly year this year on the music front as well, even landing at #28 on our year-end Top 40 hottest hip-hop songs of 2020 list with his powerful banger "Pinned To The Cross." That one was definitely a gift in itself when it dropped this past summer.

Take a look at Rick Ross and his family matching for Christmas below, and let us know if you think Rozay should've followed suit by suiting up along with everybody else: