In other D-List celebrity news, Wrestler and Jane-of-all-trades Nikki Bella is conflicted about her relationship with fellow Wrester, John Cena.

TMZ has reported that Bella, 34, is being courted by Cena,41, who's using sappy gestures in an attempt to win her back. Apparently, he has got to the crux of their issues by finally professing to want kids. As you can image, wanting kids has been a source of contention in their relationship."I believe 100% he wants kids.” Bella told TMZ. “It makes me want to run back and jump into his arms." Some of John’s public pleas include posting that infamous photo of John Cusack holding the boombox over his head in the ‘80s film, Say Anything. Rehashing those cheesy film moments are always a way to a woman’s heart, and it seems to have made an impact on Bella.

But alas, reality kicks in. They are both public figures. So, it’s no surprise she’s wary of Cena’s intentions for wanting to get back with her; especially when all the drama makes for good Reality TV. "A lot of people get married for publicity. I'm not like those reality show people.” She said. “I don't want to be hesitant. I want to do what my heart says."

Will Bella take Cena back? Tune in for the next episode.

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