The public has been coming down hard on Mulatto lately. Within the past few weeks, the rapper has been attacked over wearing a shirt that depicted a Hindu God and her controversial stage name that rubbed a few folks the wrong way. Through it all, the 21-year-old celebrated the release of her debut studio album Queen of Da Souf last Friday (August 21) and has been hitting up club appearances. This has caused the rapper to become the subject of criticism against people who believe that artists shouldn't be performing during a pandemic. 

A woman wrote on Twitter that "D list" celebrities are the ones still showing their faces at parties and clubs, and Mulatto defended herself against anyone who denounced her decision. "Yeah hoe ask what it took to get me out the house too! I’m 21 & I take care of my whole family we sending money to 5 different states f*ck yeah im still collecting mines," Mulatto wrote to the woman.

"Y’all must gone pay me & mines bills??? Lol f*ck off for real," the rapper added. "I promise I’m not the 'celebrity' to get bullied out my statements b*tch I said what I said. Sorry but I gotta eat & feed others too...Me & mine gone eat pandemic or not fuck u & anybody else who don’t pay our bills #respectfully." Do you think artists should still be hosting parties while the pandemic is still underway? Check out Mulatto's posts below.