Kodak Black owes a lot to Donald Trump. The rapper's prison sentence was shockingly commuted by former President Trump and during a recent interview with DJ Akademiks on the Off The Record podcast, he said he feels "embedded" to the controversial politician.

Following his release from prison at the beginning of last year, Kodak started to flex his "Trump ties," buying a flashy ring to show his allegiance to the former President and using his platform to continuously share his thankfulness. On Wednesday, Kodak revealed that he wants to do even more to show love to Trump.

Speaking about the way hip-hop fans perceived Kodak's support for Trump after having his sentence commuted, Yak said, "They fucked up, homie. I'll say some shit about Trump, like, what y'all expect me to do? I'm not gone be like, 'Oh, fuck Trump.' Hell nah. Man, God bless that n***a. I could have still been in prison right now. Facts, trust. Probably still getting into it with the police."

When asked whether he would perform at a future Trump rally as Lil Pump did, Kodak said he would. "I would come through for that boy. I'm embedded," said Kodak. "I wanna wash his hand. He looked out for me greatly. I wanna pull through for that boy. Trump, who you got pressure with?"

Yak also spoke about his comments regarding Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle, tensions within Sniper Gang, his beef with Jackboy, and more. Check out the Trump clips below, and listen to Off The Record underneath.