A few days ago, we reported that Joseline Hernandez and Tory Lanez looked a lot like a couple in one of their recent Instagram posts. Joseline had uploaded a photo of herself topless by the pool, and Tory sat behind her, cupping her breasts. Definitely a couple-type shot. Then, she bid adieu to him as he left on tour for a few weeks. Another relevant piece of evidence. All in all, it seemed pretty safe to assume that there was something going on between the two of them. However, reports were incorrect as Joseline just took to Twitter to deny that she's dating Tory Lanez and that they're just friends.

From the sounds of it, Tory was either just friend-zoned hard or there was nothing there to begin with and they were just trolling. The reality star added, "Can 2 young rich sexy talented people hangout and have fun without the world assuming anything. Smh. I’m allow [sic] to have friends without y’all making it bigger than life." Of course, two people are allowed to chill without having a spotlight shone on them but when breast-cupping is involved, it's a little difficult to believe that there's not an underlying relationship going on. Regardless, it seems as though Tory and Joseline are just friends, having fun as a few rich, young hoodlums in this world.

Check out her post below.