Drake took no prisoners on his new single, "Summer Sixteen." No singing, no dancing -- just bitter raps directed at anyone whom he might consider a rival. Of course, that includes Meek Mill, whom he deals with in his opening verse. 

He reveals that he found out Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj were staying in the Toronto Four Seasons on the night that "Back to Back" dropped, and upon discovering the couple’s whereabouts, Drake and his crew booked a room directly above that of Meek and Nicki, and proceeded to blast "Back to Back" all night long.

Funnily enough, Meek referenced the same scenario on a diss track of his own, "War Pain," that he released along with a new EP, 4/4 Part 2, shortly after the premiere of "Summer Sixteen." Head here to get a detailed look at that strange coincidence.

He finishes with Meek after rapping, "You don’t have to say it louder n*gga / Trust, we heard you the first time."

As far as the most high-profile target on Drake’s new record, that would have to Barack Obama. Hailing from north of the border, Drake obviously didn’t feel any qualms about going after the current U.S. President. "Tell Obama that my verses are like the whips that he in / They bulletproof," raps Drake early on in his opening verse. 

Why did he deliver shots against the leader of the free world? Because Obama, who has been vocal about his love for Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly, recently voiced his opinion that K-Dot would best Drake in a one-on-one battle.

Moving on to his fellow Canadians, Drake raps, "All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little." Many took this, and the ensuing lines, to be something off a shot taken at Tory Lanez, whose December mixtape is titled The New Toronto

Lanez may have created tension with Drake when he expressed his dislike of "the 6" as a nickname for Toronto -- one that has, of course, been popularized by the "6 God." 

To make things even more sensational, Meek Mill called out Drake for hating on his fellow Torontonian on "War Pain": "Tory from the 6, you hatin’ on him, Lord knows!" 

It might be unfair to call them disses, but Drake also namedrops Jay Z (whose status he says he has achieved), Kanye (whose pool isn't as big as his), and Chris Breezy (to whom he has comparable dance moves). OK, the last one was a little cruel. 

Did anyone make it through 6 consecutive listens of "Summer Sixteen" on tonight’s live stream? (Guilty as charged).