The GOOD Music-signed "Panda" sensation known as Desiigner is still technically a one-hit wonder, though his 45-second XXL Freshman freestyle has become something of a viral sensation, gaining considerably more attention than each of the freestyles of his nine classmates. It wasn't so much a freestyle as a strangely catchy refrain about a boy named Timmy Timmy Turner, who has a troubling appetite for mass murder. The freestyle has since become colloquially known as "Timmy Turner," and producers both amateur and professional enjoyed taking the acapella of the spooky hook and working it into their own productions. About a week after dropping the memorable hook for XXL, Desiigner revealed that he and the legendary GOOD Music producer Mike Dean were working to make "Timmy Turner" his next official single, which will be his first since "Panda." They played a preview of their updated version of "Timmy Turner" on Periscope, though the footage has since been removed due to copyright reasons. 

"Timmy Turner" did not appear on Desiigner's first-ever project, the surprise New English mixtape he dropped at the end of last month, but the Brooklyn rapper has now confirmed his plans to release the song, as he has shared the "Timmy Turner" single artwork on his Instagram. It shows an animated picture of Desiigner blowing smoke outside of a house that looks like it was taken from the world of the Nickelodeon show "The Fairly Oddparents." It so happens that the main character of that show is a boy named Timmy Turner, though it's unclear if he was the inspiration for the Timmy Timmy Turner whose soul lies in the furnace on Desiigner's new record. 

Check out the "Timmy Turner" cover art below, and tell us if you think the song has a chance of becoming Desiigner's second big hit.