Future and Ciara seemed destined to be one of our favorite couples in the business, but after building a family together (baby Future was born in 2014), the couple parted ways, reportedly because the rapper cheated on CiCi.

Ciara's new single, "I Bet," takes direct aim at her ex, suggesting that the rapper will start to miss her once she finds a new man ("bet you'll start lovin' me, soon as I start lovin' someone else, somebody better than you").

Whether or not it has to do with jealousy, Future is definitely regretting the breakup more than ever now that Ciara's hooked up with NFL player Russell Wilson, -- not necessarily because she's eating dinner at the White House (though that's gotta hurt a little bit), but because her fans have been constantly reminding him, flooding the rapper's mentions with football emojis.

We're not gonna take sides, but we are gonna keep laughing at this ridiculous stan attack, and hope that the breakup continues to inspire some of the best music of the artists' respective careers.

Take a look at Future's mentions in the gallery above, or head straight to the source.

Update: Future has commented on the madness through Twitter. Check out his response below.