The hip-hop production game has never been more diverse, and HNHH wants to introduce you to the newcomers who will surely be a part of hip-hop's future sound-template. 

We begin our series with Michigan-based soundsmith Sango, who readers may recognize, most recently, as one of the producers behind Tinashe's "Cold Sweat," alongside SykeSense and Drake's main man Boi-1da, off her debut, Aquarius. While you'll find him in the spotlight soon enough, don't sleep on the young Seattle native's already extensive back catalog, filled with hidden gems.

While we're classing him as a producer, Sango definitely wouldn't limit himself to that tag alone. He's currently a graphic design student at Western Michigan University, and his artwork is his priority. He designs the cover art to all of his releases, and he often models his music to fit his visual projects. His music is just one component of the growing statement he wishes to make as an artist.

Sango was raised in Seattle, and moved to Michigan in his early teenage years. He stayed away from the gangs and drugs he grew up around. He was a nerdy kid more into anime comics and finding weird shit on the Internet. In fact, he got the name Sango from the lead female character in a Japanese manga series turned TV show, who he found to be particularly badass. As a teenager, his Internet forays took a musical turn, and he developed an obsession with different genres of music from across the globe. He connected with a Brazilian musician via Twitter, who introduced to him a wealth of Brazilian "baile funk," whose influence can be heard in many of his beats. It's no surprise his take on urban music, and hip-hop in particular, includes rare Brazilian samples and obscure computer sounds. Inspired by the likes of Flying Lotus, many of Sango's beats weren't made with a particular rapper in mind. His early mixtapes are exclusively made up of his own unique ideas. Upon listening, though, it's easy to see why forward-thinking rappers are eager to channel his creative mindset. Here's a brief introduction to the sounds of Sango.