Stream JMSN's "†Pllajë†" EP In Its Entirety

 As promised, Detroit's JMSN releases his brand new †Pllaj놠EP today on iTunes. The 10-track project can be purchased on iTunes or be streamed for free below. Actual physical copies, vinyls...

  • Stream JMSN's "†Pllajë†" EP In Its Entirety
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     As promised, Detroit's JMSN releases his brand new †Pllaj놠EP today on iTunes. The 10-track project can be purchased on iTunes or be streamed for free below. Actual physical copies, vinyls and cd’s, are available for purchase over at Spin Shop. The project's cover art can be seen in the gallery above as well. Take a listen to the full project below. 1. Pllajë2. Adá3. Wasted Love4....
  • Eminem Turned Down A Leading Film Role Because It Wasn't Shot In Detroit
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    It seems Eminem turned down a leading role in the upcoming Hollywood science fiction film "Elysium" because his native city of Detroit wasn't chosen as the film's primary location. The lead role was instead given to Matt Damon, who was actually director Neil Blomkamp’s third choice. South African rapper Ninja of Die Antwoord (who was Blomkamp’s first choice) also turned down...
  • Havoc Reflects On Impact Of Jay-Z Beef With Mobb Deep
    In the third part of his interview with AllHipHop.Com, Mobb Deep member Havoc talks on the Mobb beef with Jay-Z.He spoke on the impact of the infamous Summer Jam diss from Hov, saying he saw a difference in the group, but at the time he didn't want to believe it."The impact for me was that it just made me have to step my game up," said Havoc. "Everybody was coming down on P, but I was...
  • Review: Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail"
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    Two years ago, Jay-Z and Kanye West joined forces and crowned themselves the kings of rap. After an extensive worldwide Watch The Throne tour, the two went back to their separate careers to work on solo projects. Although they both welcomed a brand new baby in the last year and a half, they couldn’t be in more different places musically. While Kanye has declared himself god and delved into even...
  • Jimmy Henchman Sentenced To Life In Prison
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    After being found guilty of all charges back in June, Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond's sentencing was made official this week. The former music exec was served with a life sentence in Brooklyn federal court yesterday. While Henchman recently garnered some controversy over his alleged involvement in the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur (not to be confused with the 1996 shooting that ended his life), he...
  • Bun B Launches New Food Blog YouGottaEatThis.Com
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    Bun B has been working on his own food-oriented website for awhile now and today he's announced the launch of the site YouGottaEatThis.Com. Bun B's new website definitely caters to today's constant-food-sharing culture. While talking about the new endeavor with NewsFix the rapper explained, "One of the great features about the site. It's a place where you can show us a picture of what you ate...
  • Cam'ron Says That Dipset Music Isn't Allowed In Jay Z's 40/40 Club
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    Cam'ron's been in the news a lot recently, for his fashion collaboration problems and Jay Z shouting him out on "Pound Cake." The latter received a response from Cam'ron, and although the rapper says he has no hard feelings towards Hov, he seems to think Hov doesn't share his same sentiment. While talking to MTV News about the "Pound Cake" line, Cam said that as far as he knows, all Dipset music...
  • Review: Nispey Hussle's "Crenshaw"
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    To answer the above question, yes, mostly. His recent headlines alone show that there’s something to Nipsey Hussle, and we do get a glimpse of what that 'something' may be in Crenshaw. Overall, the tape is a good listen and a sound effort. The production is absolutely amazing. From top to bottom, there’s not a single whack beat on this project. Nipsey’s beat selection is one of his best...
  • Review: Ab-Soul's "Control System"
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    Ab-Soul may have been the TDE rapper getting the least amount of shine before Control System dropped. However, with the release of Control System on May 11th he has put himself at the forefront, and he proves why he belongs with the TDE spitters, all of whom seem to be the rappers of the moment. But Ab-Soul is more than just a 'rapper of the moment,' and Control System is definitely more...
  • Drake Reportedly Featured On Future's "Sh!t" Remix Dropping Soon [Update: It's Official]
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    Drake has been known to jump on random street tracks when he can, as evidenced by his appearances on Migos' "Versace," a still unreleased track with YG, and of course, Future's "Tony Montana". It seems as though Drizzy may be collaborating with his current tour partner once again, as rumors indicate that he will appear on a remix of Future's "Sh!t," which continues to gain momentum as a...
  • Gucci Mane Drops Waka Flocka From 1017 Brick Squad Records [Update: Gucci's Management Claims His Twitter Account Was Hacked]
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    Coming unexpectedly is the news that Gucci Mane has just dropped Waka Flocka from his 1017 Brick Squad Records label.Taking to twitter not long ago, Gucci Mane announced that he dropped Waka Flocka from his Brick Squad label. Gucci didn't give much details other than that Waka has been "disloyal". The news coming on a night which has Gucci dropping not one, but two brand new...
  • Gucci Mane Calls RiFF RAFF Out On “Spring Breakers” Claim
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    Harmony Korine's off-the-wall crime caper, “Spring Breakers” has been garnering some attention from the hip-hop community through it's co-starring role from Gucci Mane, as well as it's alleged homage to Houston rapper/internet personality RiFF RAFF. The youtube celebrity who also goes by “Jody Highroller” has been parading the opinion that the film's main character, played by James...
  • Kendrick Lamar Explains His Criteria Behind Doing Features
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    Kendrick Lamar has definitely been on his feature game this year. Appearing on songs from Miguel, 50 Cent, Robin Thicke, Dido, and more, sometimes it wasn't clear whether or not K. Dot was entirely excited about the appearances, or was well-deservedly cashing in on his popular demand. In a new interview with Life + Times, Kendrick argues for the former, revealing that he will not do a feature if...
  • Review: Rockie Fresh & Casey Veggies' "Fresh Veggies"
    More than two years ago Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies teamed up for the first time together on “Duckin N Dodgin,” which winded up on Fresh’s The Otherside Redux. The song pitted the two up and coming rappers together and although they were from different time zones, the chemistry between the two was obvious. Fast-forward to the present. Rockie Fresh found a home on Rick...
  • Rick Ross Announces "Mastermind" Release Date
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    Rick Ross announced his upcoming album Mastermind awhile ago, and following that he began dropping music off the LP, he's even announced a tour-- although he hasn't given us a release date for the album, until now. Ricky Rozay announced today that his fifth studio album is set to arrive in time for Christmas, on December 17th.  Listen to his single "I Wonder Why" below.
  • Kurupt Reflects On Battling Snoop Dogg, Says Suge Knight Offered Deals To Anyone Who Could Beat Him
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    Kurupt and Snoop Dogg have quite a history. The two were recently reunited in an edition of Snoop's web series, Double G News Network, and they spoke about their early days with Death Row. The west coast legends reflected on their past battling, specifically the time that the two went head to head.Kurupt revealed that his battles were intense to the point that Death Row leader Suge Knight...
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