Those warm and fuzzy holiday feels are out of the window today (December 28), at least for Alexis Skyy and Akbar V. These two have been at odds for some time and the social media world has witnessed their acrimonious banter in full detail. It was once again rehashed hours ago and rages on currently after Skyy engaged in a Q&A Instagram Story session with her followers. Someone asked Skyy if she still "[associates] with akbar," and the model answered, "Who."

Akbar hopped on her platforms to respond and in her true fashion, she didn't hold back. She accused Akyy of having an STD and even brought up her ex-friend's scandal over allegedly not knowing who the father of her child was. Initially, Skyy was vocal about the father being Fetty Wap but over two years later revealed it was someone else.

"B*tch was on my couch couldn't feed herself crying over a man that never was the daddy and wasn't u in Miami on the boat with another ex friend cause u can't keep friends snorting lines with this ex that we both knows," Akbar wrote while also suggesting that Skyy has herpes. Skyy fired back by sharing the results of a negative STD test and denying doing drugs.

"Y'all keep running with this story that I as on drugs because i had my child early and unexpectedly!!!!" Skyy said. "If my child had any type of drugs in her blood or system when she was born.. after spending months in the NICU they would've taken my child away!Like the system did urs!!!" She was referring to Akbar's previous issues with being the primary caretaker of her children.

Read through it all below.