We have now secured writing credits for Jay-Z and Beyonce's Everything Is Love album which took many of us by surprise. Signing under the group pseudonym The Carters, the power couple seems who have recruited a list big talent which includes the likes of  Vinylz, Ty Dolla Sign, QuavoNav, Sevn Thomas, and many more. Here's a full track by track rundown. All the players are generally placed in order of importance (contribution). The album is available exclusively on Tidal, a streaming platform partly owned by the couple, including the non-album bonus "SALUD!" which is offered on the side.


Producers: Cool & Dre, Beyonce & Jay Z
Co-Producer: El Michels
Featuring: Rory from Stone Love 


Producers: Pharrell, Beyonce & Jay-Z
Featuring: Quavo & Offset


Producers: Beyonce, Mike Dean, Melo-X, Derek Dixie, D’Mile & Jay Z
Featuring: Ty Dolla $ign


Producers: Jay-Z, Beyonce & Pharrell.
Featuring: Pharrell


Producers: Cool & Dre, Beyonce & Jay Z & 808-Ray


Producers: Beyonce, Jay Z, Jahaan Sweet & Boi-1da

Co-Producers: Nav & Sevn Thomas

"Heard About Us"

Producers: Vinylz, Boi-1da, Jay Z, Jahaan Sweet, !llmind & Beyonce

"Black Effect"

Producers: Jay Z, Beyonce & Cool & Dre


Producers: Jay Z, David Andrew Sitek & Beyonce


Producers: Jay-Z, Cool & Dre & Beyonce
Co-Producer: Beat Butcha
Featuring: Dre (Cool & Dre)