Zion Williamson is one of the biggest names in the NBA right now and while he might not be among the upper echelon of players, he is still a highlight-reel machine who made a name for himself at Duke. While playing for the New Orleans Pelicans, Zion has shown off tremendous upside and there is no doubt he can become a top 10 player in the league over the coming years. With a better team around him, one could argue that Zion will one day become the face of the league.

With fame comes a lot of pitfalls and Zion understands this better than anyone. For instance, while at Duke, a girl exposed him on Twitter for sending her thirsty videos. The whole thing went viral and eventually, it blew over. Unfortunately, it appears as though Zion has been caught up again, this time by yet another girl on Snapchat.

Zion Williamson

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

A girl by the name of Morgan Davis took to TikTok with a video of herself scrolling through Snapchat, only to find a DM from Zion Williamson where he asks her if she wants to link up. The girl seems to be exasperated by the whole ordeal as she opens up the message begrudgingly. The video was then posted to Twitter where it eventually went viral.

Fans were giving a steady dose of blame to both parties, as they felt like the situation could have been avoided. On Zion's side, fans believe he should be more careful with who DMs, while other fans scolded the young woman for exposing Zion for clout. The narrative at this point is that the woman "fumbled the bag," although we doubt she was thinking about that when she made the TikTok.

Needless to say, Zion's going to have to think extra hard next time when he goes to message another girl from Snapchat.