Let's face it, college students are typically thirsty. With this fact in mind, it's no surprise that a big college basketball star like Zion Williamson would be sliding into some DMs looking for action. While most people would keep these DMs private, a student at North Carolina decided to make Zion's attempts at courtship public.

Posting on the University of North Carolina's Barstool account, a girl showcased a picture of herself holding out her phone which featured a Snapchat from Williamson. It showed the Duke Blue Devils star laying on his stomach with the caption "I have a big room, come sleep with me." Williamson was in North Carolina for the team's game against the Tar Heels on Saturday, although he didn't play due to his knee injury.

While the photo itself and the caption are pretty funny, most of the people in the comments thought it was corny for the girl to expose him like that. At the end of the day, Williamson is a college student whose privacy should at the very least be respected. Zion definitely isn't the first person to send such messages and he surely won't be the last. The guy should probably be left alone.

As for basketball, Williamson will be back in the lineup for Duke tonight as the team takes on the Syracuse Orange at the ACC Tournament.